Figure 1: Cable to bus transition cabinet custom manufactured to fit existing vintage low Voltage product.

Bus transition cell:

This customer had a problem. He needed to modify existing vintage switchgear to facilitate a modernization project, which included feeding the switchgear from a new transformer, and upgrading the bus ampacity from 800 to 1600 Amps.

Impossible cable bending radii, due to low headroom on a concrete slab ceiling, for the new quad 500 M.C.M. cables, required an innovative solution. Custom Control Products made a site visit, took all necessary field measurements, designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned a cable entry section. One purchase order allowed no hand offs or confusion of responsibilities.

Protection Mimic Panel

Protection Mimic Panel

Assembled Control Panel
The following pictures show a control panel assembled for a specialty design firm. We successfully resolved and documented design and layout problems so future units can incorporate these improvements. It costs less than we do.

A programmable Logic controller for a Custom sized control panel.
Low Voltage Breaker Protection Retrofits and Rebuilds

Tired of being given a take it or leave it option from the OEM? If all it needs is disassembly and relubrication why spend thousands of dollars re-plating? Let us design a modernization program that factors in the current condition of your equipment. Why re-plate something if the plating is in good condition. You can put the rest of the money into those other projects that have been on hold, or in the bank!

Retrofitted Breaker

Switchgear Protection Retrofits.

Has your existing electro mechanical protection reached the end of life? Do you need to limit downtime? We can design, manufacture, install and commission protection retrofits solutions, including doors and necessary wiring looms.

We will design the retrofit to allow for connection into existing wiring looms and cell layouts, thus allowing for minimum downtime. Alternatively we will work you’re your engineering staff to assemble your pre-engineered and specified products. With a little input from our experienced field staff we may be able to make suggestions that will make the implementation side of things easier.